Booklist Requirements

Booklist Requirements


A4 96 Page Grid Book 10mm:

A4 Writer Premium 48pg Exercise Book QLD Year 2 ruled + margin:

IGLOO Maped 2 Hole Canister Sharpener 3 assorted colours:

Red Aliens Scrap Book 96pg board cover :

Staedtler Minerva Graphite Pencils Box 12 HB:

Staedtler Noris Coloured Pencils 12 Pack:

Staedtler School Eraser Large:

UHU ReNature Blue Glue Stic 40g:

Wooden Ruler 30cm FSC 100% Essential Unpolished:

Writer Premium 64pg Workbook Plain 1 side/Qld Year 2 ruled 1 side 330x240:

1 Staedtler Noris Club Right Hand Safety Scissors 14cm:

Staedtler Noris Club Left Hand Safety Scissors 14cm:

Retain from Previous Year/s - only buy new if needed

Kensington Light Weight Headphones with Volume Control:

Library/Carry Bag Emerald 5200:

Micador Multi Purpose Mesh Pouch A4 Clear/Blue Zip:

Stationery Delivered to School in Bulk

A4 Brilliant Copy Paper White 80gsm (Ream):