General Requirements

General Requirements

  • Students are not to bring liquid paper, permanent markers or felt pens to school. 

  • Students must use the scientific calculator as listed. They will not be permitted to utilise mobile phones as calculators. 

  • Students studying Construction & Science subjects are also encouraged to purchase their own personal safety glasses (optional). The school will supply to those who don't have them.

  • The TI-Nspire CX Graphics Calculator required for Extension Mathematics may be leased at a cost of $25/year. This leasing arrangement is only available for Year 10. If students prefer to purchase their graphic calculators, information on how and where to purchase these calculators will be emailed to parents.

  • Students involved in practical subjects in Science laboratories, kitchens and workshops will be required to wear school leather shoes in these areas.

  • Students studying HPE subjects will require a school hat or equivalent (sun safety).

  • Students studying Introduction to Senior Food & Nutrition or Introduction to Senior Hospitality require food-safe containers for practical lessons.

  • Students studying Introduction to Senior Childhood & Fashion will require materials to complete design challenges (TBA).  

  • As many of our resources are provided digitally, students are required to have a laptop. Please refer to our website for device specifications and details of the BYOD program.

  • Subjects not listed below do not require purchases. In addition to this, certain subjects incur a levy that will cover the cost of some consumables.