General Requirements

General Requirements


A4 Writer Premium 96pg 10mm Grid book:

Artline 200 Fineline Pen 0.4mm Black:

BIC Cristal Pen Medium Blue:

BIC Cristal Pen Medium Red:

Bostik Clear Glue Stick 35 Gram:

Diary Collins Student SC37.CGT A5 Schoo:

Eco Highlighter Wallet 4, Yellow/Green/Pink/Orange:

Faber Wave Double 2 Hole Sharpener with Catch:

Headphones Verbatim W/Volume Control:

Olympic Eco Premium School Exercise Book A4 96:

Osmer Unpolished Wooden Ruler - 300Mm:

Protext A4 PP Document Wallet Clear - with Button:

Quill Visual Art Diary PP 110GSM A4 120 Pages - Black:

Scissors School 135mm:

Staedtler Magnetic Mini Whiteboard Wiper Eraser:

Staedtler Natural Graphite Pencils - HB:

Staedtler Noris Coloured Pencils 12 Pack:

Staedtler School Eraser Large:

Verbatim Store N Go Slider USB 16GB:

Whiteboard Markers

The below items can be purchased from Sequel Books & Stationery OR directly from Blackwater North State School. MUST be Teachables Brand in order to maintain the warranty on the school interactive whiteboards. 

Thinline Whiteboard Markers Assorted – Pack of 12:

Thinline Whiteboard Markers Black – Pack of 12:

Delivered Directly to Classroom

To prevent damage, items in this section will be sent directly to the classroom and will not be included in your pack.

The pack below contains: 2 x Brilliant Paper Ream & 1 x 180 Tissue Box

Tissues & 2 Reflex paper: