Quick Look Nursing : Growth and Development Through the Lifespan includes chapters in biological, psychological and social information that includes information on genetics, fetal development, cognition and information processing, roles of families, peers, school and society and many other chapters. The Second Edition includes all the new key learning features such a Closer Look, Warnings, Questions to Ask, key terms, and an updated glossary and references. About the series: Quick Look Nursing presents information from the nursing core curriculum in a unique format that sets it apart from anything else available! These essential texts are helpful as course supplements and study aids for course examinations. Organized into short chapters accompanied by comprehensive illustrations of the subject matter, the texts allow readers to grasp a large amount of information quickly, maximizing their study time.

Chapter 1: Freud: Psychoanalytic Theory Chapter 2: Erikson: Eight Stages of the Life Cycle Chapter 3: Piaget: Universal Constructivist Perspective Chapter 4: Vygotsky: Culture and Development Chapter 5: Bronfenbrenner: Ecology of Human Development Chapter 6: Maslow: Humanistic Perspective on Development Chapter 7: Pavlov, Skinner, and Bandura: Learning Perspective on Development Chapter 8: A Cultural Perspective on Development Chapter 9: Gender Differences Chapter 10: A Social Class of Perspective on Development Chapter 11: Genes, Chromosomes, and DNA Chapter 12: Fertilization in Utero Chapter 13: Conception to Birth Chapter 14: Infertility Chapter 15: Assisted Reproductive Techniques Chapter 16: The Human Genome Project Chapter 17: Genetic Disorders Chapter 18: Influences on Prenatal Development Chapter 19: Hazards of Prematurity Chapter 20: Adoption Chapter 21: Reflexes Chapter 22: Neonatal Assessment Chapter 23: Growth and Development I Chapter 24: Growth and Development II Chapter 25: Brain Development Chapter 26: Cognitive Development Chapter 27: Language Development Chapter 28: First Relationship Chapter 29 Attachment Chapter 30: Emotional Development Chapter 31: Growth and Motor Development Chapter 32: Cognitive Development I Chapter 33: Cognitive Development II Chapter 34: Early Childhood Education Chapter 35: Language Development Chapter 36: Role of the Family Chapter 37: Homeless Children Chapter 38: Divorce Chapter 39: Day Care Chapter 40: Development Staff Chapter 41: Gender Development I Chapter 42: Gender Development II Chapter 43: Pay Behavior Chapter 44: Physical Growth and Development Chapter 45: Cognitive Development Chapter 46: Intelligence Chapter 47: Problem Solving Chapter 48: Moral Development Chapter 49: Language Development Chapter 50: Peers and Social Development Chapter 51: Schools and Learning Chapter 52: Creativity in Children Chapter 53: Resilience in Childhood Chapter 54: Children with Challenges Chapter 55: Puberty Chapter 56: Healthy and Risky Behaviors Chapter 57: Sexuality Chapter 58: Cognitive Development Chapter 59: Adolescent Thought Chapter 60: Peer Relationship Chapter 61: The Search for Identity Chapter 62: Motivating Adolescents Chapter 63: Delinquency and Violence Chapter 64: Mental Health Problems Chapter 65: Early Adulthood: Physical Health Chapter 66: Early Adulthood: Cognitive Development Chapter 67: Early Adulthood: Psychosocial Development Chapter 68: Middle Adulthood: Physical Health Chapter 69: Middle Adulthood: Cognitive Development Chapter 70: Middle Adulthood: Psychosocial Development Chapter 71: Later Adulthood: Physical Health Chapter 72: Later Adulthood: Cognition Chapter 73: Later Adulthood: Psychosocial Development I Chapter 74: Later Adulthood: Psychosocial Development II


SKU 9780763756499
Author Name Kathleen M. Thies, Thies,Kathleen M., A01
Publisher Jones & Bartlett
Imprint Jones & Bartlett

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