Banished from Drakopolis to the desolate frontier town of Glassblower's Gulch, Abel and his family must face a harsh new reality: life without dragons. Far from the lights and lizards of the megacity, Abel's new home effectively bans the great beasts. Anyone caught smuggling dragons is hauled away by the ruthless sheriff and her fearsome deputies. They have the only dragons in town, and they run the dreaded dragon rodeo, which pits those who fall afoul of the sheriff's justice against a wild dragon in a competition for their freedom. It's dragon versus human and only one can win. Cut off from his friends and desperate to keep his fractious family together, Abel is determined not to break a single rule, even though the sheriff has it out for him. He's going to be a model citizen. Then he discovers the baby wyvern. It's a tiny, defenceless thing-and it definitely won't survive without his help. Abel has made it his mission to aid any dragon that needs him. But what is he willing to risk for a baby wyvern in a town without mercy?


SKU 9781338716696
Author Name Alex London
Publisher Scholastic US
Imprint Scholastic US
Date Published 01.06.2023
Number of Pages 272
Audience Range Children / Juvenile
Genre Children's / Teenage fiction: Fantasy; Children's / Teenage general interest: Supernatural and mytho
Format Hardback

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