Mandatory Requirements

Mandatory Requirements


Aust Signpost Maths Mentals 3 3Ed:

The Lorax (Novel):

General Stationery

  • A4 64pg Exercise Book - will be used for Music
  • A4 Clear Document wallet - will be used for Spanish

A3 Folder - Binder Wallet Colby A3 146A3:

A4 48 Page Botany Book Year 3/4:

A4 48 Page Graph Book 10mm (Olympic):

A4 Document Wallet with Button Clear:

A4 Pvc Clipboard Folder Assorted:

Blue Scrap Book 72 Page Board Cover:

Bostik Glue Stick - 35gms:

Crayola 12 Full Size Coloured Pencils:

Faber Connector Pen Colour Marker Asstd Pack 12:

Faber Educational A4 Whiteboard + 1 Bi- Colour whiteboard marker:

Heads Up Premium Padded Headphone with inline Mic:

Manilla Folder Avery F/C Buff (each):

Osmer Highlighter 4 Colour Wallet - Literacy - Yellow, Green, Red, Blue:

Osmer Mini Whiteboard Eraser Magnetic 50x50x18Mm:

Osmer Whiteboard Markers Chisel 4 Colour Wallet A:

Pencil Case Apollo 1 Zip Large Navy 340X170mm:

Plastic Ruler - 300mm Clear - Shatter Resistant:

Post - It notes - 654-Rp Recy Yell 76x76:

Splash A4 64pg Exercise Book 8mm ruled:

Splash A4 96pg Exercise Book QLD Year 3/4 ruled:

Staedtler Double hole slim tub sharpener:

Staedtler Minerva Graphite Pencils Box 12 HB:

Staedtler School Eraser Large:

White A4 Paper:

Yamaha Descant Recorder 3pc Resin with Cotton Case:

Scissor Selection

Osmer 155mm Blue Wide Right Hand Scissors:

Osmer Scissor (Left Handed) 158mm Green Handle: