General Requirements

General Requirements

Stationery: General

A4 Quartet Flex 2-Sided Whiteboard Plain/Grid:

Eco Highlighter Wallet 4, Yellow/Green/Pink/Orange Micador:

Faber Hexagonal Colour Pencils Box 12:

Faber Project Markers (45F) Asstd Colours, Wallet 12:

Faber Trilux Ballpoint Pen Medium Red:

Infinity 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive:

MAPED 2 Hole Canister Sharpener – 3 assorted colours:

Micador Essential Pencils FSC 100% - HB Box 20:

Osmer 40 Gram Glue Stick - White:

Osmer Mini Whiteboard Eraser Magnetic 50x50x18Mm:

Osmer Permanent Marker - Bullet Tip - Black:

Osmer Whiteboard Markers Fine 4 Colour Wallet - Black, Blue, Red, Green:

Staedtler Noris Club wax twister crayons - 12 assorted colours:

Staedtler School Eraser Large:

Wooden Ruler - 300Mm:

Osmer 155mm Blue Wide Right Hand Scissors:

Osmer Scissor (Left Handed) 158mm Green Handle:

Stationery: Notebooks & Folders

48 Page Quad/Grid Exercise Book 10Mm:

Botany Book plain/QLD ruled Year 3&4 + margin Turkey:

Marbig Refillable A4 Display Book 20 Pocket Assorted:

Marbig Wallet F/C Polypick Translucent Asst Colours:

Spirax 533 Sketch Book A3 S/O 297X420Mm:

Splash A4 64pg Exercise Book 8mm ruled:

Splash A4 96pg Exercise Book QLD Year 3/4 ruled:


QLD Targeting Handwriting Student Book Year 4:

Stationery: May be Retained from Previous Years

Bantex PVC Clipfolder A4 - Tropical Colours Assorted:

Large Oil Pastels Colourfun, Pack 12 Micador:

MCONNECTED Soundstorm Headphones - Blue:

Pencil Case w Name Card Polyester 2 Zip - 35 X 26Cm - Dark Blue:

Spartan Nylon Chair Bag 46X31Cm Navy:

Delivered Direct to School

Compulsory Purchase

A4 Brilliant Copy Paper White 80gsm (Ream):