General Requirements

General Requirements


16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive*:

Aluminium Metal 1 Hole Sharpener - Assorted Colours:

Ballpoint pen 430 fine - red:

Ballpoint pen 430 fine Box 10 - black:

Ballpoint pen 430 fine Box 10 - blue:

Book Covers:

Glue Stick:

How to Write What You Want to Say 2ED... in the secondary years:

Laundry Marker for Clothing:

Norica Graphite Pencils - HB:

Plastic Ruler - 300mm Clear - Shatter Resistant:

Refillable A4 Display Book 20 Pocket Assorted:

ReNature Glue Stic 40g - WHITE LID:

School Eraser Large:

School Graphite Pencil - 2B:

Studymate Study Cards 127 x 76mm:

Textsurfer classic highlighter - yellow:

whiteboard marker bullet point, wallet of 6 assorted:

1 Scissor - 215mm Economy Black Handle:

Scissor (Left Handed) 215mm Green Handle: