Booklist Requirements

Booklist Requirements


A3 Jasart Kraft Art Folio:

A4 48 Page Graph Book 10mm (Olympic):

A4 Pvc Clipboard Folder Assorted:

Bantex Insert Ring Binder Standard PP A4 4D Ring 50mm - White:

Best Buddies Mega Scrap Book 64pg board cover:

BIC Cristal Pen Medium Red:

Celco Maths Set 909 w/compass:

Citizen Primary Calculator SDC-805BN:

Faber Textliner Ice 1546 Highlighter Asstd Wallet 4:

Maped Tonic 2Hole Sharpener:

Osmer Mini Whiteboard Eraser Magnetic:

Pilot Fineliner Black:

Plastic Ruler - 300mm/30cm Clear - Economy:

Polywally Wallet F/Cap 325F Assorted:

Quill Visual Art Diary PP 110GSM A3 120 Pages - Black:

Splash A4 48pg Exercise Book QLD Year 3/4 ruled:

Staedtler Coloured Pencils 12 Pack:

Staedtler Minerva Graphite Pencils Box 12 HB:

Staedtler School Eraser Large:

Staedtler whiteboard marker bullet point, wallet of 4 assorted:

UHU ReNature Blue Glue Stic 40g:

1 Sizzle Scissors - Yellow (Right Handed), 155mm Micador:

2 Micador Scissor - Green (Left Handed), 165mm:

Text Books

Prime Mathematics 4-A Core Book:

Prime Mathematics 4-B Core Book:

Sound Waves Student Book Year 4:

Beginner Band

Marbig Refillable A4Display Book 20 Pocket Assorted:


A4 Writer Premium 96pg 10mm Graph Book:

Marbig Refillable A4 Display Book 20 Pocket Assorted:


Best Buddies Mega Scrap Book 64pg board cover:


The following items can be retained from Year 3. Only buy new if replacement is needed.

  • Mini Music Book 4 
  • Recorder

My Mini Music Book 4 (Non-Instrumental Version) (retained from Grade 3):

My Mini Music Book 5 (Non-Instrumental Version):

Polywally Wallet F/Cap F325 Clear:

Yamaha Descant Recorder 3pc Resin with Cotton Case:

Retain from Previous Years

Kensington Hi-Fi USB-A Headphones (No Mic):

Kensington Suretrack 2.0 Bluetooth Mouse – Red: