Please Note:

  • A4 Display Book for Assessment Tasks.
  • 9 - A4 Plastic Document Wallets: 1 per subject - English, Design & Technologies, Italian/ Japanese, Religion, Science, Humanities, PDE, HPE, The Arts, Math.
  • 9 - A4 128-page exercise book for" English (2), Italian/Japanese, Science, Humanities, PDE, Religion, HPE, Digital Technologies.
  • Pack of 10 A4 Sheet protectors: 1 per subject - English, Italian/ Japanese, Religion, Science, Humanities, PDE, The Arts, Maths.
  • Maths: Calculators are available from the Rose Retail Centre.

Non-Listed additional requirements: 

  • Design & Technology: San Sisto embroided commercial apron & Sewing Kit (Purchase from the Rose Retail Centre at the college)