General Requirements

General Requirements


Aluminium Metal 1 Hole Sharpener - Assorted Colours:

BIC Cristal Pen Medium Black BX12:

BIC Cristal Pen Medium Blue BOX 12:

BIC Cristal Pen Medium Red:

Glue stick:

Micador Fine Tip Colour Marker, Pack 12:

Osmer #10 Stapler And Box Of 1000 No. 10 Staples :

Pencil Case Apollo 1 Zip Large Navy 340X170mm:

Plastic Ruler - 300mm Clear - Shatter Resistant:

Staedtler classic highlighters - wallet of 4 assorted colours:

Staedtler Natural Graphite Pencils HB Box 12:

Staedtler Noris Coloured Pencils 12 Pack:

Staedtler School Eraser Large:

Stick On Notes 76mm x 76mm x 100 Sheets Yellow EACH:

Whiteboard marker:

Headphone / Earphone Choice


Head phones:

Scissor Choice

1 Osmer 215Mm S/S Economy Scissors Black Handle:

Osmer Scissor (Left Handed) 215mm Green Handle: