General Requirements

General Requirements

Middle Years Stationery

128 Page Exercise Book Stapled :

96 Page Exercise Book Stapled:

A4 96 Page Graph Grid Book 5mm:

A4 Quill 5 Subject Book 70gsm PP 250 Pages Black Q596:

BIC Cristal Pen Medium Black:

BIC Cristal Pen Medium Blue :

BIC Cristal Pen Medium Red:

Casio FX-82AU PLUS II 2nd Edition Scientific Calculator:

Faber Single 1 Hole Sharpener with Catch - Assorted Colours (EACH):

Faber Textliner Ice 1546 Highlighter Asstd Wallet 6:

Kensington 2.0 Blue Swivel USB 16GB :

Manilla Folder Avery F/C Buff (each):

Marbig Refillable A4 Display Book 20 Pocket Assorted:

Marbig Wallet F/C Polypick Clear:

Osmer #10 Stapler And Box Of 1000 No. 10 Staples :

Osmer Correction Tape 5mm:

Pencil Case Clear Mesh Pvc - 34Cm X 15Cm - Blue Zip:

Pencil Case Clear Mesh Pvc - 34Cm X 17Cm - Blue Zip:

Plastic Ruler - 300mm Clear - Shatter Resistant:

Soundscape Earphones WHITE With Remote, Mic & Case MCONNECTED:

Splash A4 96pg Exercise Book 8mm ruled:

Staedtler Natural graphite pencils - 2B:

Staedtler Natural Graphite Pencils - HB :

Staedtler Noris Coloured Pencils 12 Pack:

Staedtler School Eraser Large:

Staedtler Tradition 4B Pencil:

Staedtler Tradition 6B Pencil:

Tape Clear 18Mmx20M On Dispenser:

UHU ReNature Glue Stic 40g:

Osmer Scissor - 170mm Black Handle:

Scissors Smart 170mm Left Handed Red Handle: