Booklist Requirements

Booklist Requirements

General Stationery

A4 Magnetic Mdf Whiteboard Double Sided - Plain:

Crayola Chalk Board/Whiteboard Eraser (120 x 40mm size):

A3 Olympic Spiral Sketch Book 40 Page:

A4 48 Page Grid Book 10Mm:

A4 96 Page Botany Book Stapled:

Faber Textliner Ice 1546 Highlighter Asstd Wallet 4:

Staedtler School Eraser Large:

Usb Abacus Flash Drive 8Gb:

Osmer Scissor - 150Mm. Blue Handle - Carded:

Delivered in Bulk to School

The following items will be delivered to the school in bulk.  They will not be delivered with your book pack.

A4 Brilliant Copy Paper White 80gsm (Ream):

Retain from Previous Year

The followint items can be retained from previous years or available below if required. 

The A2 Jasart Kraft Art Folio will be delivered to the school in bulk.  It will not be included with your book pack.

A2 Jasart Kraft Art Folio:

A4 96 Page Olympic Music Book:

Maped 40702 Recorder Baroque Fingering: