Year Level Requirements

Year Level Requirements

General Stationery

Display Book A4 20 Pocket Maroon Refillable:

Display Book A4 20 Pocket Mid Blue Refillable:

Eraser Plastic Pencil Large Vinyl - Faber:

Glue Stick 40gm Artline Clear:

Highlighters Pkt 4 Micador ECO:

Pen Ballpoint Cap Type Black Medium:

Pen Ballpoint Cap Type Blue Medium:

Pen Ballpoint Cap Type Red Medium:

Pencil (2B) Tradition:

Pencils-Coloured 12's Noris Club:

Ruler 300mm Wooden:

Sharpener Pencil Barrel Single Hole (EL):

1 Scissors 155mm Plastic Handle Right:

Scissors 155mm Plastic Handle Left:

Retain from Previous Year

The following can be retained from previous years if still in good working condition. Only buy new if needed.

Headphones Stereo Deluxe Lightweight with Volume Control:

Protractor 10 cm 180 4" Half Circle: