Resource Pack Information:

Resource Pack Information:

All Requirements

Included in this pack:

1 x A3 Osmer Clear Mesh Pvc - 46.5Cm X 35.5Cm - Blue Zip
2 x Staedtler Tradition HB Pencil
1 x Staedtler Tradition 2B Pencil
1 x Staedtler Tradition 4B Pencil
2 x BIC Cristal Pen Medium Black
2 x BIC Cristal Pen Medium Blue 
1 x BIC Cristal Pen Medium Red
1 x Staedtler Noris Coloured Pencils 12 pack
1 x Kensington Wireless Mouse For Life
4 x Marbig Wallet F/C Polypick Translucent Asst Colours 
1 x Plastic Ruler - 300mm Clear - Shatter Resistant
1 x Staedtler School Eraser Large
1 x Scissors Smart 170mm Office Left or Right-Handed depending on your selection
1 x Sharpie Pen Extra Fine 0.8Mm Black 
1 x Soundscape Earphones Blue With Mic/Case MCONNECTED
1 x Texta Nylorite Colour Marker Pk12
1 x UHU ReNature Glue Stic 40g
1 x Osmer 180 Degree Protractor 10cm
8 x A4 96 Page Exercise Book Stapled
1 x Essential Maths AC Year 7 3rd Edition (Print & Digital)
1 x Pearson Science 7 StudentBook/EBook/LightBookStarter 2Ed

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