Booklist Requirements

Booklist Requirements

Text Books

QLD Targeting Handwriting Student Book Year 4:


A4 48 Page Exercise Book Year 3/4:

A4 48 Page Grid Book 10Mm:

A4 64 Page Exercise Book Stapled:

A4 96 Page Exercise Book Stapled:

A4 96 Page Exercise Book Year 3/4:

Blue Scrapbook 72 Page Board Cover:

Capacitive Stylus Silver:

Clear Glue Stick 35 Gram - WHITE LID:

Coloured Pencils 12 Pack:

Cristal Pen Medium Green:

Cristal Pen Medium Red:

Fine Tip Colour Marker, Pack 12:

Music Book 96 pg (64 feint/32 stave):

Natural Graphite Pencils HB Box 12:

Plastic Document Wallet - Foolscap - Assorted Closure:

Refillable A4 Display Book 20 Pocket Assorted:

School Eraser Large:

Show me whiteboard:

Single 1 Hole Sharpener with Catch - Assorted Colours (EACH):

Textliner Ice 1546 Highlighter Asstd Wallet 4:

Whiteboard Marker 4 pack:

Scissors 165mm Yellow Handle Right Handed Grip:

Scissors 165Mm Green Left Hand:

Stationery - Delivered to School

These items will be delivered in bulk to the school for in class distribution, not to be delivered in your pack.