General Requirements

General Requirements

  • Students are not to bring liquid paper, permanent markers or felt pens to school. 

  • Students must use the scientific calculator as listed. They will not be permitted to utilise mobile phones as calculators.

  • When studying Applied Technology, Home Economics and Science, students are required to wear school leather shoes in the workshops, kitchens and laboratories, respectively.

  • Students studying HPE subjects will require a school hat or equivalent (sun safety).

  • Students studying Performance Plus and Music Plus will require an Arts shirt, school sports shorts and sports shoes as their uniform for this subject.

  • As many of our resources are provided digitally, students are required to have a laptop. Please refer to our website for device specifications and details of the BYOD program.

  • Subjects not listed below do not require purchases. In addition to this, certain subjects incur a levy that will cover the cost of some consumables.